Cardiac First Responder- Community Level


To provide trainees with the knowledge to conduct all manual handling activities in a manner that will prevent injury.


  • Patient Assessment
  • Adult CPR
  • Child CPR
  • Infant CPR
  • Use of Face Mask Barrier Devices
  • Automated External Defibrillator - AED
  • Recovery (safe airway) Position
  • Adult Choking - Conscious and Unconscious
  • Child Choking - Conscious and Unconscious
  • Infant Choking - Conscious and Unconscious
  • Airway Obstruction Adult, Child and Infant
  • Aspirin Administration for Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Skills Group Practice

Training Duration

  • Four Hours

Training Approach

Classroom based theory Module which include

Practical Module which includes:

  • Video based course ensures consistency 
  • Instructor led
  • Hands on class format enforces skills proficiency

Assessment and Certification

  • Practical assessment during practical module

Certifying body

  • Dual certification from the Irish Heart Foundation and PHECC